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David Foster Wallace Essay

In this paper I will give a valiant effort to give the peruser the most instructive clarification (inside my requirements) of one of the most splendid creators of the age, David Foster Wallace. He was the creator of numerous incredible and quick (now and again, dull) works. A portion of the more famous/notable pieces being _The Broom of the System, Girl with Curious Hair, Infinite Jest, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, Oblivion_, lastly his inadequate novel, _The Pale King_. Truth be told, to try and start to expose a person with this measure of profundity would require a work comparative in size and time to his â€Å"tree-killer† of a novel, _Infinite Jest_. That being stated, I believe that each free-figuring individual ought to in any event know-this man’s name with the expectation that it might show them the path to his takes a shot at being â€Å"a screwing human being†. Understand progressively: Good individuals synopsis exposition David Foster Wallace was conceived on 21 February 1962 lastly met his end 12 September 2008 at 46 years old. Wallace was conceived in Ithaca, New York, to his folks, James Wallace and Sally Foster. His dad, a past alumni understudy in theory at Cornell, was from a group of experts. His mom, then again, was an English major at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, with an increasingly country foundation with family dwelling in Maine and New Brunswick. She was additionally the first in her family to secure a Bachelor’s Degree. At 4 years old, David moved with his family to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois for a superior opening for work. His home life was extremely organized (supper at 5:45 p.m. also, lights out at accurately 8:30 p.m.) and was extremely favorable for scholarly development. It was an upbeat home. As he gets more established, Wallace begins to acknowledge numerous things. In the first place, he had an adoration for tennis. With his intelligent and ascertaining mind, he could undoubtedly observe the geometrical edges the ball could make as it bobbed off the racket, driving him to get one of the top players in his locale around then. Different things begin to surface too; tragically, these were not among a portion of the more joyful things. He began to investigate his physical and mental self, picking at every single blemish (contrasted it with kind of â€Å"counting sheep†), which did nothing to lighten his concern at being socially clumsy. He eventuallyâ found his first love, Susan Perkins, who, at that point, as of now had a beau. It’s likewise imperative to take note of this was the moment that Wallace found the delights of smoking pot. After secondary school, Wallace intended to go to Amherst. He picked Amherst for the most part since it implied he wouldn’t need to go to another meeting. His dad was a graduated class, so he was essentially an obvious choice. By his sophomore year, he was building up a notoriety for his insight. He was winning straight A’s and was really opening up and making companions, until he came back from Christmas break at home. He was a completely extraordinary individual when the downturn took him, as his school flat mates portrayed. Following half a month of attempting to endure it, Wallace acknowledged he would need to pull back and return home. Something was unmistakably off-base. He returned in Fall 1984 for his senior year. In the end, Wallace graduated and was granted twofold summas for his two distinctions postulations. _The Broom of the System_ would in the long run be distributed and turn into his first genuine fiction novel. This was the moment that Wallace found his affection for composing fiction. As a juvenile â€Å"adult† in a grown-up world, Wallace settled on the choice to begin educating to enhance his composing vocation and addition medical coverage for his unique needs. His first instructing activity was at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. He despised instructing. For him, he was simply sitting around with kids who didn’t even need to get their work done; when he could be investing significant energy in his profession as a fiction creator. As yet, Wallace has consistently been falling further and more profound in to his addictions. He had been smoking pot, cigarettes, and drinking pretty much consistently as an approach to adapt to the downturn that can so handicap who he is as an individual. As his dissatisfaction with his powerlessness to compose compounds, so does his compulsion. With his dissatisfaction and fixation compounding, Wallace again separates and should be hospitalized. The clinical experts said he should locate an alternate way, or he would be dead by thirty. Wallace starts recovery, and for quite a long time, will live in only restoration habitats and midway homes. As a component of these projects, he should go to 12-advance AA gatherings for recuperation. These truly struck a chord for Wallace; they work for him in manners he could never have thought conceivable. The gatherings he would go to wound up turning out to be major plotâ points in the best novel he at any point composed. Soon after escaping recovery, Wallace began taking a shot at his novel once more, this time with recharged power. In a letter to his proofreader, he said he was going to â€Å"finish it or die.† Upon completing the beast novel and the accompanying altering, summing up, and shortening torments, the best accomplishment in his abstract vocation up to this point was done; 1079 pages, water-tight and prepared for distributing. What followed were various meetings and readings, which Wallace had been pursued so as to pick up exposure and sell more books. The entirety of which, Wallace summarized as â€Å"whorish.† He wasn’t even sure the vast majority of the individuals coming had even perused his book. With acclaim comes pleasure†¦ of a sort. The more well known he turned into, the more ladies appeared to run to him. Taking into account how grav ely his connections had been going, single night rendezvous were exactly what he thought he required. To put it another way, he was downright terrible about taking the â€Å"13th step† (engaging with a kindred recuperation accomplice). These connections would begin ordinary, perhaps somewhat over the top, yet as time went on they would transform into fierce and controlling connections. A significant number of them finished appallingly, which went out to one beneficial thing. He had discovered new mates. Canines. He embraced a lab and called him Jeeves, and later received a wanderer whom he would later name The Drone. When his distinction began to settle, he no longer had book visits or things of that nature any longer. Presently magazines and papers were following him with nonfictions they needed him to survey, and he wound up making short stories out of them. Generally however, these were only interruptions from his genuine goal, â€Å"The long thing.† While he proceeded with his advancement on this novel, he was exchanging employments and discovered another and apparently genuine connection with a flawless lady named Karen. They would develop close after some time, finishing each other until they were at l ong last hitched on 27 December 2004. Wallace would proceed with his work on â€Å"the long thing† until the day he kicked the bucket, never truly carrying it to where he was happy with it. David Foster Wallace’s significant works incorporate _The Broom of the System, Girl with Curious Hair, Infinite Jest, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, Oblivion_, lastly his inadequate novel, _The Pale King_. During these later long periods of his life, he was a composing teacher at the Pomona College in Claremont, California. Theâ publications he took a shot at in his extra time numbered every one of one. â€Å"The long thing† (The Pale King) had been his venture for a long time, and he was unable to perceive how to turn the possibility of fatigue in the story in to something captivating. David Foster Wallace kicked the bucket 12 September 2008 in Claremont, California. His significant other showed up home at 9:30pm, after a stretch at her craft appear, to find that her better half had balanced himself with a nursery hose on the porch. Following a multi year fight with serious sadness, Wallace could not suffer anymore. To him, the unendurable and ceaseless agony of his downturn must be relieved by death’s sweet discharge. Endless supply of this disaster, different universities held social events in recognition of one of the most powerful figures in abstract history, giving the loved ones who joined in, an opportunity to lament and bid farewell. Karen keeps his remains in a foil-wrapped box close to an image of both of their moms. _Infinite Jest_ was distributed 1 February 1996 by Little, Brown. It was generally welcomed with negligible, negative audits. It delineates our way of life in the most genuine sense, and the way that, past all the commotion and bogus joy, something genuine exists. Despite the fact that this book was discharged over 10 years prior, the consistent proceeding with deals is a tribute to its authenticity and hypnotizing interest. At the point when the majority of his significant works were distributed, they weren’t truly comprehended, and, somewhat, they still aren’t. A large portion of the comprehension of his works was left to individuals of a comparable bore, and every other person left by the wayside. I accept crafted by David Foster Wallace ought to be standard for school training. To the extent secondary school, to truly get a handle on the man and his work, an understudy must dig into the real factors of his life that, on occasion, can be dreamlike, even improperly bizarre. Henceforth, I accept his work is more qualified for a develop crowd. Taking everything into account, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is one of the most significant books in late history, one that each man and lady should peruse in the course of their life. (should presumably peruse it twice) David Foster Wallace, was a messed up, yet splendid man who left this existence with significant expectation in hisâ works that we could figure out how to be people, with genuine emotions and real musings past the chasm that is our severe culture. Works Cited â€Å"Brief Interview with a Five Draft Man†. _Amherst Magazine_. Amherst College, 1999. Web. 13 April 2014. Max, D.T.. _Every Love Story is a Ghost Story_. New York. Penguin Group,

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How To Play Fantasy Football, Only With Authors

How To Play Fantasy Football, Only With Authors Very soon, all over the country, in suites at the Bellagio, party rooms at Hooters, and your moms basement, groups of nerds will gather for a sacred annual autumn ritual: the fantasy football draft. But what if you could play fantasy sports with something less concussion-causing? Like, for instance, books!? Gather your friends, because now you you can! What follows is an outline for a fantasy authors game that promises to be both fun and infuriating â€" just like real fantasy football (oxymoron alert!). Of course, you can tweak this general outline however you want. Lets get to it! Drafting: Your league should consist of you and your seven other biggest book dorkiest friends. (So thats 8, right? Right.) To begin, draw straws, role dice, compare your moms ages, or employ some other system for determining draft order. Then, take turns picking authors in that order from each of the eight groups below. Your team must have one author from each group (similar to fantasy football where you can only start one QB, two RBs, etc.) Keep in mind, you dont have draft in the same sequence as the categories. For instance, the player with the first pick is well within his/her rights to select David Mitchell from Group C (or Stephenie Meyer from Group H, or whatever hell s/he wants to do), but s/he cannot select any other authors from Group C for the rest of the draft. Continue taking turns drafting until all authors have been selected. There are 64 authors listed, and so if you play with eight teams, thatll mean each team consists of eight authors â€" again, one from each group . (We may be bookish folk here at the Riot, but if pressed, we can hold our own in the maths.) Group A â€" The Rookies: 2014 Debuts Group B â€" The Wizened Veterans Edan Lepucki John Irving Stephan Eirik Clark Philip Roth Andy Weir Toni Morrison Roxane Gay Cormac McCarthy Mira Jacob Alice Munro Alena Graedon James Salter Tiphanie Yanique Joyce Carol Oates Anthony Breznican Alice Walker Group C â€" Future Hall of Famers Group D â€" Hipster Delights (Cool before they were cool) Group E â€" Foreign Fantastics (writers in translation) Jhumpa Lahiri Dave Eggers Haruki Murakami Jonathan Franzen Zadie Smith Amy Yamada Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Emily Gould Paulo Coelho David Mitchell Lydia Netzer Carlos Ruiz Zafón Donna Tartt Joshua Ferris Kyung-sook Shin Marilynne Robinson Teju Cole Herta Müller Richard Russo Cheryl Strayed Orhan Pamuk Neil Gaiman Jonathan Safran Foer Amos Oz Group F â€" Young Adult Adults Group G â€" Genre Gigantics Group H â€" Series Heavyweights Rainbow Rowell Stephen King George R.R. Martin John Green James Patterson J.K. Rowling (Robert Galbraith) Sarah Dessen Janet Evanovich Diana Gabaldon Marcus Zusak Catherine Coulter Daniel Silva Gayle Forman Danielle Steele Stephenie Meyer Veronica Roth Nora Roberts Nelson DeMille Stephen Chbosky Dan Brown Meg Cabot Rick Riordan Brad Thor W.E.B. Griffin Rules for Scoring: Agree on a firm start and stop time for the game â€" may we suggest, totally arbitrarily, August 1st through May 31st, 2015. Scoring is based on the system below â€" when an author on your team fits one of the descriptions, you get the designated number of points. As in real fantasy football, draft players whose situations fit best with the scoring system. Do research. Some of these events/things we know will happen. Most we dont. Some are longshots (more points awarded for these), some may happen weekly. So draft wisely. (Also, add your own ways to score points. These are merely suggestions.) All judgment calls (i.e., the exact definition of major, is this really a feud?, etc.) are left to the discretion of the league commissioner. (You designated a league commissioner, didnt you?) So, without further adieu, heres how to score: Productivity Publishes a novel â€" 10 points Blurbs another author’s novel â€" 2 points Publishes/produces other major work (non-fiction, screenplay, poetry, etc.) â€" 5 points Appears in another author’s book trailer â€" 3 points Novel adapted to movie â€" 8 points 10 bonus points if author cameos in movie based on his/her own novel 10 bonus points if movie wins Academy Award (any) Novel adapted to small screen â€" miniseries or made-for-TV movie â€" 5 points Publishes book review in major online or print periodical â€" 5 points Publishes essay, article, or other journalism in major online or print periodical â€" 3 points 5 bonus points if article complains about a mainstream technology like ebooks or Twitter 5 bonus points if article is about the death of the novel/reading Performs commencement speech at university graduation â€"10 points Announces retirement from writing â€" 10 points Announces unretirement from writing â€" 15 points Media, Awards, and Appearances Appears on Talk/Comedy/Variety Show (eg, The View, Colbert, etc.) â€" 15 points Appears in interview or as subject of short expository piece on news/morning show (eg. Today, CNN, etc.) â€" 10 points Appears as subject in profile piece in major online or print periodical â€" 10 points Appears in interview on major radio show or podcast (eg. NPR Books, etc.) â€" 5 points Appears in a photo with you from reading or other event, like BEA â€" 15 points Wins major literary award â€" National Book Award, Pulitzer, NBCC, or Booker â€" 15 points Wins Nobel Prize for Literature â€" 25 points Appears on year-end NY Times 100 Notable Books list â€" 5 points 5 points bonus if it’s in the “10 best” list Photographed in celeb rag like US Weekly or People â€" 10 points Author donates large amount of money to charity â€" 5 points 5 bonus points if that charity supports literacy Throws out first pitch, does honorary coin flip (etc.) to start a sporting event â€" 15 points Authors novel selected for Oprah’s Book Club â€" 10 points Author opens bookstore â€" 20 points Feuds, Disruptions, and Ruckuses Purposefully begins a verifiable feud with another writer, via social media, the press, or other means â€" 15 points. Arrested for any reason â€" 20 points. Develops publicly acknowledged alcohol/drug addiction â€" 15 points Enters treatment â€" 5 points Authors novel is ridiculously banned from a school for ridiculous reasons â€" 15 points Becomes embroiled in a plagiarism lawsuit for someone allegedly stealing his/her own material â€" 20 points Becomes embroiled in a plagiarism lawsuit for allegedly stealing someone elses material â€" 10 points Becomes embroiled in a memoir scandal in which facts purported to be real life are shown to be inventions â€" 10 points. Publicly decries (in any form) Amazon â€" 5 points Dates a movie star or other celebrity â€" 10 points Fatwa issued against author â€" 30 points Death Dies â€" 25 points Winning: Very simple: The team with the most points at the end of the season wins! Enjoy!

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Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, And Islam - 940 Words

It can be said that there is no such thing as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. In a general sense I agree with this statement, but I also disagree. As human beings, we naturally classify things into groups in order to make sense of them. From the moment we are born our brains begin to classify between male and female, loud and soft, big and small, or dark and light. By assimilating things that are similar we are able to learn new things faster by finding connections to something we already know, religions are no different. We classify people who profess a belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah as Christians and people who believe that Mohamed was the final prophet as Muslims. By classifying we are by no means ignoring the fact that there are differences among members of the group, but we are instead grouping by the larger overarching concept shared among them all. We group people with similar beliefs into categories and call them Hindus, Buddhist, Christians, Jews, or Muslims. While there is no one thing that all people professing a religion believe, there are general concepts that they agree upon which cause us to group them into categories and title them as Christians, Jews, or Muslims. I have been raised in the Methodist church since the day I was born. Every Sunday morning you could find all five of us in the second row of the 8:30 service and then we would all go our separate ways for Sunday school. It was a rare week that we were not at churchShow MoreRelatedChristianity, Islam, Hinduism, And Judaism1076 Words   |  5 Pagesreligions present within todays society with the most prominent being; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism (Rosenberg, 2016). These can then be split into two different groups; Monotheistic and Polytheistic. Monotheistic meaning â€Å"The belief that there is only one God† (Crabtree, 2014). This can be seen in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Therefore Polytheism is the belief and worship of multiple deities, which can be found in Hinduism, Shintoism, and the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians (Merriam-WebsterRead MoreHinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, And Religion1531 Words   |  7 PagesHinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism these are the different types of religions that exist in our society. Religion is a prominent part of most people s lives in our contemporary world. Religion is a cultural system, in this system, there are different beliefs that are normally unique to the religion. In most religions, there is a belief in spiritual beings also known as God. Many people around the world practice their religion by following what is expected of them according to historyRead MoreChristianity, Hinduism, And Islam1054 Words   |  5 PagesAlthough the followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam may see things differently, they basically hold the same values and codes. To Islam, the Prophet Mohammad’s teaching is a â€Å"complete and final revelation†. On the other hand, according to the bible, Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the true lord and savior will grant you the access to heaven in the afterlife. Judaism is founded by Abraham, and it is the base from wh ich both of the other two religions.While Hinduism focuses on one ultimateRead MoreWorld Religion: Christianity the Most Widespread Religion in The World1473 Words   |  6 Pagesaround the world. The six world religions are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Many of these religions are monotheistic, which is the belief of only one god or one higher power. There are also polytheistic believers, which is the belief in many or more than one god. These six world religions have a lot in common and they also have their differences that make their certain religion or belief special to them. Christianity is the most widespread religion in the worldRead MoreBuddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism And Monotheistic Religions1108 Words   |  5 PagesIn life, one will undertake a spiritual journey in which you will uncover the meaning of the self. Many religions, including Hinduism, Confucianism and monotheistic religions, have developed philosophies placing importance of the â€Å"self.† Emphasis on morality, virtues, honest contribute to the development of the inner self. In religions such as, Islam and Judaism the importance of conducts and worship will lead you to paradise in the after as promised by Allah or Yahweh. The teachings of proper behaviorRead MoreHinduism And The Middle East894 Words   |  4 Pagesthat are practiced in the world today. Hinduism developed first, then Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and finally Islam. Hinduism and Buddhism are considered Eastern religions while Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are considered Western. Both Eastern religions b egan in India, although Buddhism later moved out. The Western religions each developed, at different times, in the same general geographical and cultural setting of West Asia: Judaism and Christianity, in and around the area now known as IsraelRead MoreClassification of Religions1509 Words   |  7 Pagesexistence of one and only one GOD. The main three Abrahamic religions are: * Judaism * Christianity * Islam JUDISM Judaism is among the worlds oldest monotheistic religions and the first of the three Abraham religions. Around 12 million people in the world believe in Judaism. They are mostly in the United States and Israel. The Torah, or Hebrew Bible, is the most important holy book of Judaism. The primary custom of Judaism is practicing prayer, preferably communal prayer. Jews attend synagoguesRead MoreThe Religion Of The Holy Trinity1665 Words   |  7 Pagesby. The presence of the Holy Trinity — one God in three persons. Catholics grasp the conviction that God, the one Supreme Being, is comprised of three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Christianity The focal teachings of customary Christianity are that Jesus is the Son of God, the second individual of the Trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; that his life on earth, his torturous killing, restoration, and climb into paradise are confirmationRead More Appreciating other Religions Essay684 Words   |  3 Pagesreligious beliefs and practices. Morals and ethics allow one to make a knowledgeable and responsible decision. One’s religious and spiritual beliefs shapes and molds the mind, body, and spirit of the person. One would think that Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism have nothing in common, but in some ways they are. Generally, there are also differences between the five. Actually they are not so much a religion as a religion-social system. All religions share common goals and twoRead MoreChristianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, And Judaism1644 Words   |  7 Pages The following religions Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism are among the top religions when evaluating the number of followers they encompass worldwide (Henderson, 2005, p.1). Through assessing these major belief systems and their views, diversity between them is apparent. These multiplicities range from Hindus who acknowledge multitudes of gods to Muslims who believe in one God, Allah. Although the variety of beliefs and practices exist their remains some central concepts such

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Understanding The Evolution, Life History, And Aids,...

Ebola and HIV Ebola, and AIDS, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, are both dangerous zoonotic diseases that originated in Sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS, the result of HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, has been an ongoing pandemic for decades. Meanwhile, the first Ebola case was recognized in the 1976 and has incurred severe sporadic outbreaks but has been controlled (Rajak, 2015). While both rapidly mutating RNA viruses, several key factors have allowed AIDS, to become a worldwide pandemic while Ebola has been controlled at present (Calmy, 2015). Understanding the evolution, life history, and the socio-economic factors that affect the proliferation of each disease allows us to understand how they arose when they did and why Ebola is controlled and AIDS isn’t. To start, Ebola and HIV are both zoonotic RNA viruses that underwent evolution and mutation to emerge from the jungle and morph into the deadly diseases they are today. It is thought that Ebola originated in Africa fruit bats, and was transmitted to humans for the first time through contact with bodily fluids from the bats, either as blood or saliva. Transmission to humans most often occurs through hunting and preparation of infected bushmeat, or consumption of fruit contaminated with bat saliva. This was made possible because of human encroachment on natural areas and bat habitats (Alexander, 2015). Once present in the human population more hosts allowed for extensive mutation. This is because RNA viruses use RNAShow MoreRelatedHiv And The Human Immunodeficiency Virus3032 Words   |  13 PagesThe Human Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as HIV, was discovered by Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Luc Montagnier. HIV had its first known case in a human in the year 1959. Though, its first kno wn case in the United States was in 1981 when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, known as the CDC, reported five homosexual men in Los Angeles, California with Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia, a rare form of pneumonia. These findings were published in CDC S Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, orRead MoreHealthcare Essay18323 Words   |  74 PagesChapter 3 The Evolution of Health Services in the United States Learning Objectives To discover historical developments that have shaped the nature of the US health care delivery system To evaluate why the system has been resistant to national health insurance reforms To explore developments associated with the corporatization of health care To speculate on whether the era of socialized medicine has dawned in the United States â€Å"Where’s the market?† 81 26501_CH03_FINAL.indd 81 7/27/11 10:31:29Read MoreInternational Business Management Research Paper14582 Words   |  59 PagesFactors on WVK’s Operations 31 Table 5: Understanding of Various Aspects of IBM 33 Table 6: Gantt Chart for the Study 54 Table 7: Budget for the Research Project 55 List of Figures | |PAGE | Figure 1: Gender Distribution of Actual Respondents 27 Figure 2: Impact of Environmental Factors on WVKs Operations 32 Figure 3: Understanding of Various Aspects of IBM 33 FigureRead MoreThe Social Impact of Drug Abuse24406 Words   |  98 Pageseconomic and social marginalization and increased crime. At a time when dramatic improvements are taking place in some sectors, e.g. communications and technology, improvement of the quality of life for many people has fallen far short of the potential that exists and the rising expectation of people who know life can be better. At a time of rising social and Political tensions, the macroeconomic environment has fundamentally changed. World trade and investment have expanded and brought to some areasRead MoreNursing Essay41677 Words   |  167 PagesSuggested citation: IOM (Institute of Medicine). 2011. The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. The serpent has been a symbol of long life, healing, and knowledge among almost all cultures and religions since the beginning of recorded history. The serpent adopted as a logotype by the Institute of Medici ne is a relief carving from ancient Greece, now held by the Staatliche Museen in Berlin. Copyright  © National Academy of Sciences. All

Assessment of the Interactive Behavior Style Free Essays

According to the DISC Platinum Rule Assessment, the â€Å"Interactive† behavior style defines people who are highly focused on other people. They love being around groups and they are fond of being involved in groups. They are generally extroverts and they do not like to be alone. We will write a custom essay sample on Assessment of the Interactive Behavior Style or any similar topic only for you Order Now They love working with other people. And they are very sociable. According to the assessment, people who are â€Å"interactive† get their motivation from being around other people. Their ultimate goal is to get other people’s recognition. They want to earn applause, acceptance, and complements. If recognition from other people is not present, they will ultimately lose their interest in whatever they are doing. Their drive to strive for their goals comes from other people. Most of the time, their ultimate goal is to earn to be appreciated. As for their decision making and their lifestyles, people categorized under the â€Å"interactive† behavior are very fast paced. They do not like routines. They are very spontaneous. Because of their liveliness, they usually want to do a lot of things all at the same time. Even if they are still involved with one activity, they jump to another task. That is why they often end up so disorganized. Aside from disliking everyday habitual activities, interactive people also don’t like facts. They do not like details. Instead, they generalize information. They base their conclusions on â€Å"guesstimates† than on highly objective and empirical data. That is why they often exaggerate. Interactive people also work well with others. Because they are sociable, they usually tend to attract the attention of others. They also have the ability to motivate others in order to work towards a common goal that they also pursue. They are perfect for those professions and careers that require excellent rapport with other people. They should be in the field of sales, entertainment, public relations, social welfare, and the like. Application of Strengths and Weaknesses Just like what the assessment states, I am optimistic. I see life as an opportunity to do various activities. I am positive and cheerful. Everyday, my greatest accomplishment seems to stem from fulfilling one or two lively activities. Even if there is really nothing to do outside, I make it a point to go out and to look for something that I can occupy myself with. I love being around other people and that is probably why I value my friends so much. I also like going to parties and other social activities. I make it a point to form new friends despite the fact that I already have many acquaintances. Whenever I go to social gatherings, I make it a point to meet a new friend. I am one of those few people that you cannot alienate even if you expose me to groups of people that I do not know. I am also persuasive and very motivating. I can easily talk my friends into doing something I believe is terrific. In addition to that, I am very enthusiastic. I think it is a total waste of time to be lying around and doing nothing. I love engaging in various activities, even those which I am not very familiar with. I am passionate about living life to the fullest. However, because I do love engaging in many activities, I often become careless primarily because I am often preoccupied with so many things all at the same time. This is also probably the reason why I often end up being disorganized. My initially planned schedule for the day often gets tangled with the other activities that I usually want to slip in it. Analysis of the behavior assessment The analysis seems to be quite accurate in describing the prime motivators, strengths, and weaknesses of a person. The data yielded is very useful primarily because it was very thorough in describing the assessed person. It includes the possible conflicts associated with his set of strengths and weaknesses, as well as the possible steps that can be taken to solve such conflicts. The data provided in the assessment can largely contribute to overall self-improvement. Understanding your tendencies and gaining insight on your personality can improve rapport and communication with other people. It can predict job performance and potential leadership skills (Kierstead, 1998). It can also be used in understanding the personalities of other people. In a personal case, it can help one concentrate on his strengths while altering his weaknesses. However, it should be noted that people should not confine their identities to the discussed test results (Carey,2004). Also, I have noticed that some characteristics of a particular behavior type often overlap some of the traits of the other types. Though the delineation between the types is often very obvious in the initial description, the question of exclusivity between the characteristics can be observed in the specific details of the subtypes of the behavior assessment. Also, although the results of the assessments are quite accurate, it should be noted that people should not confine their self concept with the descriptions provided by behavioral evaluation, no matter how elaborate they are. Regardless of how complete and concise the assessment results are, people should realize that the results were based on a personality evaluation taken during a certain period of time at a certain moment in a person’s life. In simple terms, it is relatively an accurate assessment of someone’s here and now. It should be noted that people are rapidly evolving beings that can radically alter their behavior and personality over time, based on the set of experiences and challenges that come their way. A person with an interactive behavior type can transform into one who has a cautious or dominant behavior after having one of those life changing experiences or major life turn points. Basically, a technical generalization of the personalities of men should not be regarded as the sole indicator of how a person should be interpreted. It should not be sued as a basis of what kind of people should one get along with. Confining your analysis of people into four types or sixteen subtypes can greatly promote stereotyping. As such, these should not be used as the sole basis of interaction with other people. In order to ascertain the adaptability and the efficiency of this behavior evaluation, such forms of assessments should be taken regularly in order to form comprehensive and accurate concepts of one’s self. How to cite Assessment of the Interactive Behavior Style, Papers

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West Side Story free essay sample

In West Side Story the protagonist is the former leader of the Jets, Tony, who falls in love with Maria, who is one of the Puerco Ricans; their love is forbidden, just like in Romeo and Juliet. In this essay post-colonial theory, structuralism, semiotics and feminism will be discussed. As the film is set In the mid-sass this means that this was post the Second World War, marking the beginning of a new era. The Civil Rights Movement took place within this decade Of the sass.The civil rights are the rights Of citizens to receive equal treatment and be protected from discrimination and unfair treatment. There was a massive movement in America at this point, the African-Americans were in the spotlight for racial inequality and discrimination. In the upper west side of New York city it was classed as the ethnic blue-collar neighborhood. Stephan Shoeshine, the lyricist, was brought up in the upper west side of Manhattan amongst the blue collar society and gang warfare which is where the inspiration of its synopsis and setting has come from. We will write a custom essay sample on West Side Story or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In ethnic neighborhoods there was a lot of people that were in the working class that conducted manual labor jobs, which involved jobs like warehouse work, maintenance, sanitation, mining etc. The choreographer, Jerome Robbins, was born in the lower east side of Manhattan which is where a lot of immigrants settled and joined the American society, for example the Puerco Ricans.This could have been his influence in choreography, keeping two separate ethnic groups separate encouraging them to not socialize with one another and opening the audiences eyes to the reality of gang violence within society. Gangs mainly fought over territory of land, in West Side Story the gangs were split into the Puerco Ricans (Sharks) and the Americans (Jets). They would have rumbles, which is when gang members from each gang would arrange a particular place to fight, for example, a park, school playground, a courtyard etc.Rumbles could result in broken bones and in some cases death. Post-colonial theory is evident in the synopsis of West Side Story as there is rivalry and conflict be;men the two gangs. Post-colonial theory is about how the implications before and after colonialism which could result with liberation and oppression that could be ongoing. Edward Said is an American theorist, he discusses how the areas that migrants are forced to move in to, are made to make the migrants feel inferior to the native Americans who feel superior than them. Most professional humanists are unable to make the connection between the prolonged and the sordid cruelty of practices such as leaver, colonialism and racial oppression, and imperial subjection on the one hand, and the poetry, fiction, philosophy of the society that engages in these practice s on the other (Said 1993) This is evident in West Side Story where the Puerco Ricans enter the Americans turf and the Jets send the Sharks back to their own turf.The idea of otherness is evident in West Side Story where the sharks are Puerco Rican by culture but their nationality is American because they moved to America, however, they are willing to different and distinct from the Americans, allowing them have their own unique identity and keep their strict roots. This also suggests that both the sharks and jets are also totalities as they are culturally generalized, which suggests because they are distinct and different from one another they are inspired by the colonizers rather than the colonized.However, there is conflict due to their different cultural identities. The Puerco Ricans are essentialist because of their way of living and accents, they are also much more upbeat and have a more sociable culture compared to the Americans. illustrating asymmetrical divisions between the orient and the occident to the advantage of the west (Said 1978). Said is saying that conflict happens where there is conflict due to different cultural identities. His theory of orientation is where the west sexualities the east.There is a division and it is evident in West Side Story when the rumble takes place. This scene symbolizes and shows that people will defend their culture and territory by all means necessary. On the other hand, the Puerco Rican females try to assimilate and integrate into the American society. This is clearly evident when Anita and Maria sings America with some other Puerco Rican women. Homo Bah is an Indian heurist who suggests the idea of mimicry, where there is imitation from the colonized society and take on the culture of the colonized. Mimicry is shown in the song America.In this song they saying that they would much prefer to stay with their now new American nationality rather than sticking to their roots of being a Puerco Rican. The male Puerco Ricans choose to resist the American culture and stick to their Puerco Rican stereotypical social structure. The men suppress the females aspiration of integrating into the American society. Integration should be looked differently compared to being totalities. Spiral is a theorist suggests the idea of subaltern where the social group is politically, geographically and socially outside of the power structure of the colony and the colonial homeland.In West Side Story, the Puerco Ricans are the subaltern because they are on their own in a foreign land, which enables them to try to adapt to their new environment and surroundings leading to warfare with the Jets and Sharks. The love affair between the former leader of the Jets Tony and a Puerco Rican female called Maria causes an conflict and an immense amount of distress from both cultures. After the death of Bernard, it is evident that the resistance of integration begins to emerge properly. She posits not a monolithic idea of woman or brown person, but subaltern as a divided rather than transparent subject (Spiral 1988). However, one could argue that to not encourage our own cultural identities, can result in harm being done to our mental health and by having verbal and physical violence it can be very dehumidifying. Franz Fanons argues this as well as stating colonists inculcate a servile mentality upon natives (Fanons 1961) which is why human exploitation and further resistance to colonialism appends.During the rumble between the Jets and the Sharks the resistance to colonialism is present when the Sharks come onto the Jets ground. The Puerco Ricans are seen as the subculture by society as a whole for attempting to invade their territory which makes it dehumidifying. Bah suggests the idea of ambivalence, this is evident in West Side Story where both the Sharks and the Jets have opposite dimensions and perceptions within their cultural identities, which leads to conflict as mentioned earlier.Bah is concerned with the discourse of colonialism, how its language, metaphoric and Teutonic patterns struc ture the colonized as a stereotype to dominate, discriminate against and exploit them. Homo believes that there should be the idea of hybridism in society, where different cultural identities are accepted also known as multiculturalism. Hybridism is evident at the very end of the production where Tony dies and both the Jets and Sharks come to the realization and conclusion that no matter what difference is culturally they are still the same individuals and should accept their differences. For those who attempt to resist the imperialist ideology, therefore is necessary to work n betterments in strategies that tied to fragmentation and displacement, which can be a form of revolt against the seemingly monolithic, seemingly rational and materialistic authority of imperialism. (Bah 1992). The failure to recognize and accept different cultural identities of colonies that may enter a new territory, can result in a broken society of displacement where individuals are unable to adapt to idea of having a multicultural society which could lead to a lot of conflict.In this part of the essay Structuralism, semiotics and a touch of feminism will be discussed. In the terms of West Side Story, some would come to the conclusion th at the authors did not write anything really new, because their work has the same structure as Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet. Both introductions of Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story gives the audience a general outline of the story foreshadowing future events. The start of Romeo and Juliet starts off with a prologue where both families have been feuding for a long time and in West Side Story the audience is introduced to the two gangs and why these events are happening.There are some semiotics in the ere beginning of West Side Story. After the Jets leave the Basketball court they bump into the leader of the Sharks, Bernard. He is wearing a red shirt. After the Jets Leave Bernard, is still wearing his red shirt but the background behind him is red and he has left fist clenched hitting the wall. The fact that both the wall and his shirt is red indicates that there is a lot of danger and death for Bernard. His fists being clenched indicates anger and frustration. You can also tell this from Bernard looking straight into the camera, the look in his eye and his facial expression shows anger.Both West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet experience the theme of forbidden love. In the terms of Romeo and Juliet the first incident that set the story happened after the party, this is when Romeo meets Juliet for the first time and they fall in love with each other- love at first sight. This is the same in West Side Story, at the dance Tony meets Maria for the first time and they dance together, this romantic encounter is then abruptly broken up by the leader of the Sharks, Marias brother Bernard. In the neighborhood dance Maria is wearing a white dress with a red strip in the waist, white symbolizes rutty and innocence.Maria is sweet and naive. The red on her dress symbolizes love and can also symbolism danger because Tony falls in love with Maria and ends up dying, foreshadowing the outcome of the plot. In their first encounter Tony asks Maria is she is joking and she says l have note learned how to joke that way. Her brother Bernard and his girlfriend Anita try to shield her from trouble as people view her as pure and virginal. Reinforcing this imagery, we see Maria pray in front of the Virgin Mary and in Maria, Tony sings say it soft and its almost like praying.However, Maria tries to resist the able of purity as she tells her brother a white dress is for babies. In contrast with Maria is, Anita is opinionated, saws, charismatic and flamboyant. Anita wears colorful frocks, as opposed to Marias white gowns. Anita reinforces the feisty Latin harlot stereotype. Anita proudly asserts her sexuality, eagerly singing about how she goanna get her kicks and have a private little mix with her boyfriend Bernard in Tonight. The chemistry between Anita and Bernard is evident and their relationship is framed in sexuality.However, even though Maria and Tony sleep together, their allegations is constantly surrounded by dreamy words of love, commitment and marriage. In Tonight, Anita sings about sex and Maria croons about seeing her love and how the stars will stop where they are. Anita is portrayed as the Madonna, in A Boy Like That Anita warns Maria to stay away from Tony as he Wafts one thing only but Marias buoyant hope stave off Antas concerns. Another interesting female is the tomboy that longs to be part of the Jets is known as Nobodys later known as Buddy Boy.She hangs around with the guys, spits on the floor and insults women. She sees that male ender as far more desirable, instead of depicting gender variance or even trans-character, the Jets view her as a defective female. Some of the Jets taunt her so that no one would want to sleep with her. According to society and to the Jets, a womans status is dependent on their beauty, sexuality and desirability. In the Tonight, Maria is on top of the balcony and Tony is at the bottom of the balcony shouting for Maria. This is also a similar setting to Romeo and Juliet, where they are on a balcony.In both Romeo and Juliet and in West Side Story they both proclaim their forbidden love as they are both star-cross oversee. Tragedy is a common theme in West Side Story and in Romeo and Juliet; the lovers were forced to take their own lives or to be killed because of the fate and the actions of others. In Romeo and Juliet, one of the characters who is partly responsible deaths of both Romeo and Juliet is Table. Table enrages Romeo and causes him to kill Table, this brings out Romeos exile from Verona. If this did not happen, Romeo would have heard Friar Lawrences plan to keep Juliet from getting married.If he had known of the plan, he would not have gone to the vault and killed himself over what he Hough was Gullets dead body. In West Side Story, a character with a role similar to Table is Bernard. The killing of Bernard enrages Chino to the point where he takes out his gun to search and kill Tony. While the Jets are trying to protect Tony from Anita, they cause her to become extremely upset and says that Maria is dead. Upon hearing this, Tony leaves the drug store in search for Chino. When Tony eventually finds Maria, Chino kills him.This could have been avoided if Bernard had not gotten into a fight with Tony, so he would not have been killed. In conclusion, it is evident that within this musical there is a cultural difference between the Puerco Ricans and the Americans and with they way they treat their own kind. However, integration is taken for ease in todays society, people have different cultures but we are still the same individuals. This suggests that our current society could be universalistic as everyone accepts different religions within society, however, this is not always the case as different cultural identities can cause conflict.